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Customs Laboratory Services LLC, has the expertise, equipment and experience to run all "U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP)" lab tests on all types of imported footwear, handbags, jackets and anoraks, coated or laminated textile fabrics, etc. For samples requiring highly specialized analytical instrumentation, Customs Laboratory Services LLC works closely with a number of university and commercial labs to provide you with an accurate, HTS-responsive lab analysis in the shortest possible turnaround time.

For all lab analyses, Customs Laboratory Services LLC provides a written lab report that describes the sample, names the analysis methods used, and presents the test results clearly and concisely. If appropriate, our lab report will also include our opinion as to the item's HTS classification and rate of duty.

Our regular turnaround time is about two to three weeks (10-15 business days), but if you require a faster turnaround time, we offer an expedited "PRIORITY" service which has a turnaround time of three business days.

Why you should test:

There are many thousands of tariff classifications and duty rates, and these tariff codes and duty rates can be very different, even for products that are almost identical.  If your products are tested prior to importation, you can predict the amount of import duty that you'll have to pay, and you can avoid post-importation surprises like rate advances.  We will analyze your footwear and other consumer products to determine the applicable HTS classification and duty rate.  And here's a bonus: If the duty rate is higher than you'd like, we can help you "tariff-engineer" your product so that it qualifies for a different tariff classification at a lower duty rate.